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Cooling Tips

How can I keep my house cool while keeping my AC bill low?
Choose an energy-efficient system:

If you’re buying an AC unit, choose one that’s ENERGY STAR rated. If you already have AC, get your system professionally inspected and cleaned to keep it operating at its best.

What’s the best way to fix a malfunctioning AC unit?
Service your unit:

Having your system serviced will extend the life of your unit. A proper clean and check will ensure everything is working properly. Plus, your AC will use less energy if it’s functioning at full capacity.

How do I safely provide consitent cool air for my pets while I’m away from home??
Adjust your Thermostat

During the day, try setting your thermostat between 70º & 75º F if people are home. At night, or when you’re away try keeping a similar temperature to help your pets stay comfortable.

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