Don’t let your thermostat take control of your home life

News  Don’t let your thermostat take control of your home life

Oct 01, 2020

As impending colder weather arrives, trying to control the temperature inside your home will become a daily occurrence. Whether it is too warm or not warm enough, the thermostat will be your main ally in the fight to stay comfortable at home. An increasingly common issue plaguing most homeowners also deals with a thermostat’s settings. Finding the right temperature for your home can be difficult but there are ways to help keep your energy costs low while staying warm this winter.


When it comes to setting the right temperature there are a couple things you should know. says if you are at home, setting a daytime temperature of 72 degrees is a good start. On the flipside, while everyone is away (or sleep), setting a temperature between 62 and 66 degrees may be ideal. When it comes to acclimating to colder weather it may be better for you and your family to ease into warmer temperatures instead of diving headfirst.

A article says the best way to do this is by first setting your thermostat at the desired highest temperature for winter. Once that is set and your family transitions over to warmer air, try lowering the temp by one degree each week. The article goes on to say the one-degree reduction (maintained for at least eight hours) can reduce a home’s energy bill by one percent. Lowering the temperature can help preserve the indoor climate for longer periods of time which in turn will save you money on upcoming utility bills.


*A full description of one-degree reduction can be found on the U.S. Department of Energy’s website.

Another good way to control the temperature of your home is to think about the type of thermostat you have (or want). According to  “Strategy Analytics reports smart thermostats are most popular in the US where almost 50 percent of US smart homes have one.”

*See full article on thermostats here

Maybe it is accessibility or convenience leading the charge. Whatever the reason, having one in your home may have some perks to help with seasonal weather. HVAC Advocates and experts say the main reason for high utility costs usually comes from inconsistent temperature changes. Depending on the brand or model, smart thermostat tech can offer you choices on how you want to live in your space.

BRINGING VALUE BACK explains the popularity of convenience using a smart thermostat as having easily accessible controls at your fingertips. 

“...allows you to raise and lower temperature, create a seven-day heating and cooling schedule, override the schedule if you or a family member will be returning home early and turn the system on and off.”

*See full article here

Smart features are only the beginning in setting up a home environment and temperature control that works for you. Get in touch with an HVAC Advocate to help find the right control system for your home. Also, to learn more about best practices for home temperature control, you can visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s website.

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