Forget Instagram, Here Are the Filters You Should Know About

News  Forget Instagram, Here Are the Filters You Should Know About

Sep 09, 2020

There is a lot of talk (and practice) surrounding health and how to stay up to date on the best practices. But staying healthy isn’t just a frequently used routine when you’re away from home. Making sure the inside of your home is also healthy and clean matters as well. The best way to start is with the quality of your air. Making sure your HVAC systems are running smoothly and circulating clean filtered air is important, especially as the seasons change. Keeping you and your loved ones from breathing in outside pollutants.

According to, air filters should be changed regularly to maintain optimal air quality. The article, on the company’s website, goes on to say “changing your home HVAC filter depends on a variety of factors including the type of filter in your heating or cooling unit.”

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Those factors could include any of the following:

  1. The age of your HVAC system
  2. The types of filters used
  3. The size of your home
  4. Allergens and pets
  5. Overall Air Quality

These factors can each play an important role in how air is circulated throughout your home.

(1) The age of your system can determine the output of air and the efficiency at which the air is clean before being reintroduced into your home.

(2) The type of filter (and there are many) can determine the effectiveness at catching pollutants and cleaning the air.

(3) The size of your home is a big factor because this could mean multiple filters are needed to help clean large areas. HVAC Advocates may suggest a number of solutions to help tackle a larger space. From a certain type of filter that lasts longer or a more structured schedule when it comes to changing them. Of course, the opposite can also be said about a smaller home and the need to change a filter less frequently.

(4) Allergens are always at the top of mind because how they move and change can depend on where you are (especially if you have pets). Finding a specific filter that not only catches pet dander but also more general allergens may be your best bet. To find out for certain which filters are more capable of handling larger quantities of pet dander and allergens consult an HVAC Advocate first.

(5) Lastly the overall air quality outside and inside your home will determine the type of filter you need or how often you need to change it. Living in a more densely populated area (like a congested city) may require more frequent changes as opposed to living in a more spread out area (like the countryside).   

According to following the instructions included with your filter can provide more detailed guidance on a recommended changing schedule. Depending on the type of heating or cooling unit you have there may also be an “air filter subscription” which can deliver filters to you every few months so you don’t forget to change them. You can find out more about filters and the numerous types available by visiting any home improvement store. Or consulting an HVAC Advocate who can help with identifying the right filters to use as well as help with repairs and replacements for any part of your HVAC system.

Inside your home, staying healthy is important for you and your family. Some important questions to check off include:

  • When was the last time your air filters were changed?
  • Do your filters need to be changed now?
  • When is the next scheduled time to replace an old filter with a new one?
  • Improve your air quality by checking off these simple questions so you can breathe easier.

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