It’s FREAKIN Cold Outside! Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

News  It’s FREAKIN Cold Outside! Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Nov 11, 2020

Do not wait until the dead of winter to figure out why your furnace isn’t working!

Getting your home ready for winter weather is the hallmark of the Fall season. Mainly because it’s the perfect time to check all your HVAC system’s components. Mostly to make sure they’re there are no issues; but to also make sure they’re running properly. If your system isn’t running the way it should, one of the main issues could be your furnace blowing cold air. Besides, after not being used for several months it’s not out of the norm to need a tune up on older HVAC systems.

If your furnace happens to be blowing cold air there are some things you can do to fix the problem. According to, there are several reasons your furnace may not be working properly and blowing out cold air:

  1. Incorrect Thermostat Settings

    In the battle for home supremacy, it’s pretty common to be at war with others in your home over the thermostat. Whether you're too cold or another member in your family is too hot, figuring out the right temperature is always a war of the wills. But one feature on your thermostat could be causing your furnace to blow cold. When your thermostat fan is set to “ON” instead of “AUTO”, it means the fan will run continuously without actually releasing any heat. You should keep the fan setting on “AUTO” that way heat will return on a consistent (or pre-programmed) cycle.

  2.   An Empty Oil Tank

    If you own an “oil-fired” furnace then you could just be out of fuel. If this happens, your blower may continue circulating cold air even after the burners fail to light.

  3. Problem with Technology 

    Installing a new HVAC system or Thermostat may also reveal some problems with your computerized settings. If you are working with a newer system that has more computerized controls you might need to reset your system. As a quick fix, try turning off the furnace, wait a few minutes, then start it again. If the furnace is still blowing cold air after you turn it back on then call an HVAC expert.

  4. Leaky Ducts

    A furnace blowing cold air could also be caused by leaking duct work. Meaning hot air is escaping through holes in your ducts instead of carrying the heat throughout your home. Call an HVAC Advocate to inspect the problem and find out where the leak is occurring.

  5. Faulty/Damaged Thermocouple

If your furnace keeps going out after relighting it several times you could have an issue with the thermocouple. This is a sensor that controls the gas valve and ignition. It’s commonly a simple fix but will need an HVAC expert to help replace.

*For a full list of reasons from “Aristair” why your furnace may need a checkup click here

These are just some of the simple fixes you can try on your own when it comes to why your furnace isn’t working properly. There could be more severe issues, in which case you’ll need to contact an HVAC expert to figure out the problem.

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