Save Money While Enjoying Your Favorite Room

News  Save Money While Enjoying Your Favorite Room

Nov 02, 2020

Setting different temperatures in rooms of your choice just got a lot easier.  

Saying goodbye to warm weather and your AC is hard but that doesn’t mean it’s time to ease up on taking care of your home. While Fall is here, it’s the perfect time to tie up any loose ends and make sure your homes efficiency is ready for the cold winter months. A few ways of doing that is by checking your HVAC systems to make sure they are running properly. Setting a consistent temperature throughout your home with the help of a smart thermostat. And lastly, updating your home systems to include a “zone control system”.

All of these are great ways to help you save money on your electric bill this winter. One of the most popular methods (the zone control system) is catching on in homes across the U.S. Here is what you need to know about setting up a “zone control system” and how it can save you money.

According to , a “zone control system” will reduce energy costs inside your home and optimize the functionality of your home heating and cooling system. This means you’re not wasting heat or air in rooms you’re not in. The “zone control system” basically works by allowing you to control the amount of heat being used in specific rooms. In the past, you would turn on the heat (or air) and it would circulate throughout the entire house. No matter which rooms you used throughout the day. However, with the “zone control system” approach, you can significantly lower (or even turn off) the heat in rooms that are less used and keep a consistent temperature in the highly trafficked areas.

The “zone control system” approach is also great for rooms that don’t heat at the same rate as others in your home. For example, exterior rooms (rooms that have windows or share a wall that’s connected to the outside) may take a bit more time to heat. As opposed to interior rooms (rooms with no windows and connected to other walls in your home) may heat faster and retain heat longer. These differences in temperature control and retention can be monitored with a zone control system. It’s also a huge convenience when you and other family members can’t agree on a temperature (we’ve all been there).

The benefit? You save money (and energy) in your home when you aren’t constantly changing the temperature of the thermostat. This in turn helps lower any significant energy waste while maintaining a low energy bill. So, setting a standard for different rooms (or zones) allows you to move freely through your home efficiently.

Of course, like any product there are different types of zone control systems. “Your Local HVAC Team” has listed a few included below.

*For a full list visit Your Local HVAC here

  1. Ductless – The most common system that has a built-in thermostat making temperature control simple. It can be added to your home without affecting existing HVAC systems.
  2. Conventional w/ damper – This system adjusts room temperatures manually or electronically. It’s also a two-way HVAC system.
  3. Smart Vents – An HVAC system new to the market and not always recommended due to the stress it may put on existing HVAC units.

As always, before you implement a “zone control system” in your home it’s important to check your HVAC units first for compatibility and any unexpected stress it may cause. You do this by getting in touch with an HVAC Advocate today to get started. Winter months should be spent indoors where it’s warm. Now you can choose which room you want warm with the flip of a switch.

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