Waiting to Replace Your Furnace Could Leave You in the Cold

News  Waiting to Replace Your Furnace Could Leave You in the Cold

Sep 02, 2020

Don’t freeze when it comes to furnace repairs. Waiting too long to replace or repair your furnace could cost you.

How can you tell when it’s time to replace your furnace? Well for starters don’t wait until it breaks to fix it. Checking your heating and cooling system frequently can help you keep an eye on unexpected issues (and costs) that may arise.

Your heating solution can provide a variety of benefits if taken care of...and an HVAC advocate can help you identify what they are. For starters making sure your furnace is working properly is best done in your systems off months like September or October. Testing and running your furnace for functionality may be best during these months since it is right before furnace season and if you need anything completed- companies will have more time to do it faster for you. Having an expert lead the charge on inspection can help your increase your systems efficiency and life of the equipment.

Producing better air quality through filtration and air circulation

Help keep your air clean by regularly replacing your filters when recommended by the manufacturer.

Another reason you shouldn’t wait until something breaks deals with cost savings. Fixing or replacing your furnace in the off season will save you money- period. If you know your furnace is on its last leg and it breaks at midnight on Thanksgiving- you can bet that your repair bill is going to be sky high. Sure, a high efficiency furnace might cost between 25% to 40% more (furnace installation included) than an old and lower efficiency model but figuring out what model you can afford (or need) can pay off in the long-term.

The price may be higher but remember high efficiency models accrue more savings over time since it takes less energy to operate them. So, consult an advocate with knowledge of the latest models to help you make an informed choice. A new furnace now comes with a standard ECM motor which will have a noticeable impact on your electric bill. Many local utility companies will also give an incentive for equipment upgrades during certain times of the year.

It’s also important to stay on top of repairs or consider a replacement if your equipment is over 12-15 years old because waiting too long can shift the pricing and fit of a model you may have had your eye on. Each year the price of new equipment goes up between 4-8% typically. It’s important to understand that all systems are not created equal. Meaning the size, capacity and output may differ between models. Your home is customized and your system probably should be as well. If you wait until something breaks the chances of you having to wait even longer for a replacement part (or unit) may be longer than you expect- especially during the busy seasons.

Why put off what you can do today? By checking your furnace consistently, you can avoid additional costs you didn’t plan for. Different brands, efficiencies, services (and costs) are usually considered when making choices that fit your home needs and budget but that comes with planning. However, waiting until something breaks, to repair it, may end up costing you more than you planned on. Nearly 70% of homeowners finance major projects like this for upgrades to their home. Monthly payments near what your cell phone bill is (or less) work well for the majority of homeowners.

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