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The more time you spend at home, means the more time you use your home HVAC system. Your heating and air conditioning system work together to provide airflow and energy efficiency while keeping your family comfortable. Being at home can increase the stress on poorly managed heating and cooling systems.

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System Tips

Should I replace my Furnace and Air Conditioning Unit at the same time?
Replacing both isn’t out of the question:

Replacing your air conditioning unit and your furnace at the same time might be expensive, but it can save money in the long run. Same-time installations are normally discounted for having to make only one trip to your home.

Experiencing reduced airflow in your home?
Age of your system:

The age of your current system may determine the performance and efficiency of the unit in your home. The average lifespan of your air conditioner or heat pump is 10 – 12 years. As for your furnace, it’s usually around 15-20 years.

Why is it important for my furnace and AC units to work together?
Working in tandem:

The furnace is what provides heat to your home. It communicates directly with the AC unit, distributing heated air through your home and cooling it down during the summer. It can work on gas, electricity or other types of fuel. However, the distribution system is generally the same for all models, relying on the fan for airflow.

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Your furnace and AC typically consume fifty percent of your gas and electric bills.
So, efficiency matters when it comes to saving money!
Indoor air is usually five times more polluted than outdoor air.
A good filter will help you breathe easier.
New systems tend to be a lot quieter and can help solve air flow issues
depending on conditions in your home.
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